BOYA Lavalier Microphone Review | The Ultimate Guide

What is a boya lavalier microphone? A boya lavalier mic, also known as a clip-on microphone, is a small and lightweight design that clips onto the clothes of the person speaking. This is an ultimate BOYA Lavalier Microphone Review, where we’re gonna cover each and everything about this microphone.

It’s commonly used for interviews or other situations where recording from a distance would be impractical.

In this post, I will give you all the information you need to know about boya microphones including reviews, features, specs, pros, and cons. So you can decide whether it’s good for you or not.

If you need a compact, simple, affordable, and reliable audio quality microphone, BOYA’s lavalier microphone is an ideal option for you. The best part is this mic is compatible with almost all your devices, such as PCs, Laptops, Smartphones, Cameras, Camcorders, audio recorders, and a bunch of other stuff.

BOYA is a well know microphone manufacturer company and their products are really sturdy and impressive. But in this guide, we’re specifically gonna talk about BOYA BY MM1 Microphone, which is an affordable lav mic.

BOYA BY MM1 Review

MM-100 microphone is a high-quality lavalier mic that can be used for both personal and professional purposes. It features an impressive 100dB SPL output, making its audio recording crisp and clear even in loud or noisy areas.

Also, it has very low impedance to make sure the sound doesn’t distort when plugged into any type of device, including DSLR cameras with standard headphone jacks.

The boya BY MM-100 comes with everything you need to set up your own studio right out of the box. You will get one BOYA BY MM-100 Lavalier Microphone, two windscreens (to reduce wind noise), three clips(one shirt clip & two tie clips), five cable ties (for attaching cables).

BOYA BY MM1 Build Quality

The boya mic build quality is pretty amazing and sturdy. The mic processing use is metal built but the mic click is plastic which is strong and you don’t need to worry about that. This is very popular among amateurs and professional broadcasters alike. It requires an LR44 Battery to work, which comes along with this mic.

Boya BY MM1 microphone comes with a very long cable that makes it ideal for a distance recording. As I mentioned it’s very popular in the digital marketing industry almost every YouTuber and marketer uses this microphone.


On the microphone body, there is a switch that you can use to record on smartphones or cameras. Boya lavalier mic contains a TRRS jack that can be plugged in directly to your smartphone, pc, laptop, etc.

It has 20 feet audio extension cable which is really good if you’re recording from a long distance. Its pop filter really helps you reduce noise from your audio and your final output will be crisp and professional after the post-processing.


Polar PatternsOmni-directional
Frequency Response65Hz-18KHz
Signal/Noise74dB or more
Output Impedance1000Ω or less
Power RequirementsLR44

This microphone is really good at battery life apparently it has 700 hours of battery life which is impressive. This is an omnidirectional condenser microphone that means it will pick a sound equally good from all around the microphone as other condenser microphones do.

So, you’ll have to be careful about your recording location. Make sure to record in a noise-treated environment to get better audio quality. If you’re trying to record on your smartphone wanna adjust the input gain + other audio settings manually, you’ll have to use a separate app on your device.

But its basic default settings are absolutely amazing and if you’re a beginner and want the best budget microphone for interviews, podcasting, gaming, or anything else this boya lavalier microphone is a significant option.

Let’s jump into some of the pros and cons of this microphone.

  • Amazing build quality
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Budget friendly
  • 700 hours of battery life
  • Crisp and smooth audio quality
  • Non standard battery
  • Very long cable, but in case you don’t wanna use it, its super annoying.

Where do you use this microphone?

You can use this mic almost anywhere. The mic is very light and the cable that plugs into your recording equipment can be extended to 6 meters for those times you need it far away from a laptop/camera. You could also use this as an interview mic by placing it on top of tables between speakers – sound quality will vary depending upon how many people are talking at any given moment, but surprising good nonetheless.

Which type of set-up does it suit?

It is ideal for presentations and will easily record crisp, clean single-person audio straight into your recording device. For multiple speakers you need each person to have their own mic which can be recorded using this small yet powerful machine.

It doesn’t matter if they are sitting fairly close together or not; with all inputs mixed together through one input on your mixer – sound quality should still come out great as long as noone’s speaking near an AC unit (ahem).

Vital Statistics of the kit?

As we mentioned earlier, BOYA BY-M1 is a lightweight, omni-directional condenser microphone that can be worn as an invisibility cloak. This mic records sound equally well from all around it which means you won’t have any trouble hearing what your subject says or sings in the backseat.

The 2g weight makes this perfect for high activity shoots without being noticeable on camera operators wearing heavy clothing. The BOY Optics line has been designed to offer professionals quality gear at affordable prices without compromising performance.

Audio quality of this microphone

For the most part, it sounds clean when recording a single person in their quiet room. However there will be some noise if you are moving around or not careful enough about where to clip your microphone; this can lead to sound artifacts like hissing or squeaking noises that don’t really show up on recordings but ruin them aesthetically for viewers who want something more high quality sounding without all those annoying background distractions ruining what they’re watching.

But that normal hiss can be fixed in the post. Because its natural and you can’t avoid it while recording even if you’re using a $1000 microphone.

Conclusion | BOYA Lavalier Microphone Review

It’s easy to see that the Boya Lavalier Microphone is a quality product. This was our BOYA Lavalier Microphone Review. The mic comes with a free carrying case and an anti-wind foam windshield so you can take your recording anywhere, anytime, Whether it’s for podcasting or music making, this microphone will give you professional sound at an affordable price. If you have any additional questions about this product, feel free to leave in the comments section.

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